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Welcome to Seabright Seafood.

We are Brent and Dianna Robinson, owners and operators of this small family business.  We are committed to providing you    top quality fresh salmon, caught in a responsible manner, with complete transparency and traceability.  When you buy salmon from us, you can rest assured knowing when, where, and how your fish came out of the ocean.  You also get the refreshing opportunity to know your fisherman’s story.


Here at Seabright Seafood, we love everything there is about salmon.  We love the taste of that first salmon of the season, smoky from the barbecue and soaked in the flavor of the ocean. We love fishing - trying every lure in the box until we figure out what will work today, then getting up and doing it again tomorrow.  We love watching healthy runs of salmon charge up waterfalls and streams on the way to undisturbed spawning grounds.

Put simply, we love fish.


We recognize that our prosperity depends not only on our personal successes, but also in building partnerships that strengthen other organizations that share these values. Because at the end of the day, our business revolves around the health of Alaska’s salmon populations, and this is a condition that we cannot sustain alone.

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Quality, Responsibility & Traceability

We are committed to preserving Pacific Northwest salmon populations for generations to come.  To this end, we sell only troll-caught, traceable, storied fish.  The Southeast Alaska Troll Fishery is one of the best-managed fisheries in the world.


Each fish is caught on a hook and line and is individually handled by the fisherman.  This technique ensures careful catch limit control to best ensure   salmon population health.


We strongly believe in the importance of traceable, storied fish in todays fast-moving global economy.  By knowing where your fish was caught, who caught it and how, you can play a part in eliminating destructive, illegal fishing on a global scale.  Knowing the story of your fisherman is equally important.

This ensures that the men and woman bringing fish to our homes are well compensated, well treated and safe.


We are committed to our values of quality, responsibility and traceability in everything we do.  All of our non-fish products are sourced in the United States and/or made of recycled and organic materials.  We support small businesses living into these values, building partnerships and relationships as we go.



“All you have to do is follow three simple rules.

One, never underestimate your abilities.

Two, expect the unexpected.

Three, take it outside-

inspiration will follow.”


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